Set to unveil the true potential of AI in education!
In the era of information overload, where Google and ChatGPT reign supreme, we realized something profound—the internet was a wild, untamed jungle, leaving students lost. The struggle was real, and time was the collateral damage—time that could've been spent resting or playing post-study. That's when stepped onto the scene. Just one search, and all the information served on a single silver screen. Sure, other AI tutoring platforms exist, but our aim wasn't to be just another random AI. No, sir! Here's a secret— comes with its own avatar and voice.
You might be wondering about the avatar. We recognized that students needed more than a robotic tutor; they needed a study buddy—smart and interactive with a brain, face, and a voice. We understand some students might prefer rather traditional tutoring. That's why we built—the space where students can snag 1:1 sessions with real-life subject gurus. Our team? A quirky blend of tech enthusiasts, education ambassadors, and dreamers of a bright future. So, here we are—Zainii, where learning is anything but ordinary. Let the revolution begin!
Abid Majid
Lead Designer, India
Ibad Sajid
Web Designer, India
Mustafa Shareef
Front-End Developer, India
Abdul Aziz
Web Designer, India
Shaik Moazzam
Front-End Developer Lead, India
Affan Khan
Back-End Developer, India
Muzammil Ather
Web Designer, India
Syed Muheed
Front-End Developer, India
Abdul Rahaman
Front-End Developer, India
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