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Setting high standards in transformative learning.
Paving the way for an effortless and interactive digital learning experience.  Ditch the doubt, own the concepts, and save yourself from an internet search drama. Saved the time? Now ace it with style!
Hey Abid, I am good thanks for asking.
H e y   Z a i n i i , h o w   a r e   y o u   ?
Your AI study buddy
Always present. At your time
Every student deserves a genius study buddy by their side!
Functional on any device is compatible on any device available out there
You can easily sign up, log in and access your account by multiple methods from any device, without any lag.
Type or Voice your command reads and also listens what you write and say
Now, it is convenient for you to Type furiously or ask freely, as you take your notes. As you prefer.
Quick response
Introducing an avatar tutor with facial expressions.
Avatar answers your every query just as close as a human. It makes each study session interactive and memorable.
Dashboard Simplifies Your Learning Journey
The dashboard keeps a detailed history of your questions and their responses.
This feature makes it convenient for you to track your educational journey and make necessary improvements.
Accessible Past Learning Videos
All your past learning videos are securely stored in the dashboard.
It ensures that you can review lectures whenever you want. Accessible from any device, anytime, this feature provides flexibility to suit your schedule.
Flexible Subscription Plans
Choose from our monthly or yearly plans that fit your preferences.
Subscribers receive credits, each equivalent to a 15-second 3D video of a lesson. This unique feature adds value to your learning experience while keeping it cost-effective.
Meet your
study buddy!
A genius equipped with advanced tech and personal touch, you would not want to lose.
Internet hunt
- an old game!
And tiring too. Do not worry your study buddy has got your back! does all the back to back searching getting exactly what you need straight to you.
Getting started is as cool as greeting your friend. Just ‘Hello Zainii’ and you activate your genius friend for a seamless learning experience.
Revise or continue from your past sessions. has a record of every class and conversation.
Learning has
no limits,
neither does
From science to literature, from math to general knowledge, from quick facts to in - depth explanations - has it all what you ask for.
But, Why should I

use ?

Because, when your education speaks, it’s not just information; it’s an engaging conversation that sticks with you. learning must be heard not just read.
The Problem
It’s hard to choose one when there are plenty of options for learning
High fee structure for subject - expert tutors
Loss of time searching the internet for concepts
Reading and re-reading the information. Again.
The Solution
It’s easy to choose immersive and seamless learning - both in one space revolutionizes learning by bringing subject expertise directly to you. Our speaking avatar articulates complex concepts, offering a refreshing alternative to reading. No more pricey tutors or endless internet searches – is your efficient solution, making learning audible and hassle-free.
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Need 1:1 classes?
we got you experts!
Learn from the expert of the subject - they have got many tricks up their sleeves along with experience
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